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I cherish the ‘goodbye’s rather than ‘hello’s

Hello’s are for the introductions and long-time-no-see. Proceded with a How-are-you’s and Nice-to-meet-you.

Goodbye’s are the period at the end of the sentence, the end of the book, end of a road, edge of a cliff. 

Who knows when things will pick up again. Tomorrow? Next week?

What about never? 

I never want to leave without a goodbye, because who knows when I’ll get to say hello again.

When I get older and I have a daughter (I want a daughter, I REALLY want a daughter, a son is cool but anyway), I want to write a poem just like this.

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I like it
I’m not gonna crack
I miss you
I’m not gonna crack
I love you
I’m not gonna crack
I killed you
I’m not gonna crack

Give me everything or I want nothing.

Living in the in between with you is like watching the sunset. I’d like to walk toward you but every step I’d take she slowly goes past the horizon. And if I walk the other way, she’s bound to show up again, and bless me with her light, but will soon pass as she always did.

Keep me in your orbit, or I don’t want to be around at all.

I don’t need to be able to see it or hear it, I need to be able to feel your gravity, and know you’re there.

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"Make damn sure what you’re waiting for, is worth the fucking wait."

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I am the epitome of the idealist/hopeless romantic/sentimental dreamer

Because now all I can think about

is you

and how amazing it’d be

to called


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I’ve never carried a grudge until you came along.

Funny how love was the only thing I had for you and it has all turned into a burning passion of hate.

So karma is pretty damn OP.

Anonymous: I always read your writing, in hopes that you aren't truly hurting from a girl of your past. But know that you never want to find another "her"; because if you found "her" once, this new "her" will do it again. hugs from across this anonymous box.

Oh my thanks for the concern! But no I am not, this piece was inspired by a song from John Mayer - Find Another You

And when your love is gone

and you’ve packed up all of your being

and escorted your way out of my life

and into his

All I have left is the will to write about you

and the hope of finding

another you.

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The thought of you brought so much comfort to mind that it let me sleep easy.

Now the thought of you only keeps me up till the sunrise

Wondering if you’d ever come around again.

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